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Corporate Classes & Events

Translated yoga means union and therefore it is the perfect way to bring groups of people together,  be it a weekly in-house yoga session or a one-off event.


Over the years I have worked with a large number of corporate clients and hosted a number of events to support brand launches and to raise consumer awareness around a certain topic. Each class is tailored to your needs and, where relevant, I work with you to ensure that we are providing the best possible service. 

Corporate Classes

Having once lived in the corporate world I fully understand the benefits yoga can bring to a workplace. Allowing you to press pause, I offer classes designed to undo the impact being deskbound has on your body as well as bring a greater sense of calm and clarity to the mind. Clients who I work with normally get in touch for the following reasons:

  • Setting up weekly in-house session to ensure a happy and balanced workforce.

  • Supplement corporate days, wellness weeks and team building exercises.

  • To add value to their employees working experience.

  • To meet demands of their employees who struggle to get out of the office and into a studio. 

Events & Collaborations

I love working with people to curate wonderful events and support brands. In the past I have hosted events with companies such as Fitbit and taught at festivals such as Wilderness – both of which were great fun and a wonderful way of bringing people together.

Whatever you’re looking for, yoga is a great way to supplement your event. People and brands get in touch for lots of reasons, some of which include:

  • Hen-dos, birthday parties and baby showers.

  • Festivals, big and small.

  • Brand events that what to add extra value for their guests. 

  • New product launches that compliment yoga.

  • Wellness retreats and events which are complimented by yoga.


'Sarah provided a great reprieve from the corporate life, enabling everyone to leave work and life stress at the door and to reassemble and replenish their energy for the day'

Charles Boyne, Top 50 Law Firm

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