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For those on the cusp of change.

My 1:1 mentorship program is designed to support you as you navigate the sea of change. I will help you move through the feeling of being lost, stuck, unfulfilled and restless, embody the often-uncomfortable process of transformation as you begin to find out who you really are and what it is you want from life and break free from your cocoon of change, emerging – just like a butterfly – into your fullest form, with a new sense of identity that finally feels aligned to who you are. 


Over the course of three months your core values and beliefs will become clear, you’ll understand the behaviours you’ve outgrown, recognise the habits and beliefs that are holding you back and gain the clarity and confidence to embrace the person you know deep down you’re already becoming. You will be able to accept that you have outgrown the space you were once occupying - the reason why things in life cease to fit – step into the shoes of the person you’re becoming and learn to trust your intuition and take the necessary steps towards the life you want rather than holding onto a version of your former self. 

This is for you if..

  • You want to come back into alignment with yourself.

  •  You want to reestablish a sense of identity rather than feeling lost and alone.

  • You want to start making decisions taking you towards the life you want rather than the one you think you should have.

  • You want to gain clarity on your core values and beliefs in order to start living life more authentically.

  •  You want to take control back over your life and who you are

  • You want to start making decisions that align to who you are rather than fitting into the mould others think you should take.

  • You want to bring back a sense of passion, fulfillment and joy.

  • You are ready to embrace the shift you’re experiencing, making it work for you rather than against you. 

  • You’re ready to stop feeling stuck by embracing new ways of thinking more aligned to the person you’re becoming.

  • You want to find where you fit in the world as you accept the person you’re becoming.

  •  You want to feel happy and confident with who you are rather than feeling you need to hide parts of yourself in order to fit in.

  • You want to find your voice and your true north. 

  • You want to identify what your life has been missing and build it into your current landscape.


Just as the caterpillar must go through a state of change within its cocoon so too must you. Transformation isn’t pretty. It’s often uncomfortable, messy and encounters a lot of struggles however it is only in truly letting go of who we were that we can emerge as the person we are meant to be. Stepping out in our fullest most beautiful form, feeling reborn, relieved and realigned – just like the butterfly.

If you’re ready to begin this process of emergence, to no longer live feeling lost and stuck and instead embrace that inner-calling you can feel within this is the mentorship for you. In working together, we will embark on an exploration of your Self, shedding old beliefs and identities, accepting rather than resisting change and embodying - all that you know deep down – is the person you really are.   



If you’re on the cusp of change but don’t know what the next step to take is then book onto a discovery call with me. 

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