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Private Classes

Private classes are a great way of establishing the basics, deepening your understanding of yoga and delving into specific elements you might feel stuck with in a larger group. 

In a private setting I tailor the practice to your individual needs, allowing you to focus on certain areas and gain confidence before moving into a bigger class or studio.

Individual Classes

Are you ready to start yoga but don’t feel ready for a group session? Or perhaps you have been practicing for a while and feel a bit stuck. Whatever the reason, one-to-one yoga classes are a great way to gain an understanding of the practice and confidence within yourself. Some benefits or individual sessions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The space to fully grasp the basics without feeling pressured to keep up in a studio setting.

  • An opportunity to home in on specific postures that you are close to achieving but can’t quite get there. Maybe it’s your headstand or the ever-tricky crow pose.

  • Adapting your practice to work around injuries or have a more tailored session to work with any physical challenges.

  • The space to open up a dialogue and ask questions you’ve always wanted the answers to without disrupting a group practice.

  • A tailored practice specific to your needs.

Small Group Classes (up to four people)

Small group classes are a great way of having fun and increasing a sense of community and collective energy whilst having the space for yourself and what it is you’re seeking for your practice. Some benefits include:

  • A great opportunity to connect with others through the practice without feeling overwhelmed in a larger group setting.

  • A great gift or shared experience that friends and/or couples can enjoy together.

  • A stronger collective energy which can help elevate the mood in a room and sometimes take you deeper into your practice. 

  • A shared cost. The set fee remains the same so you’re able to split the cost between the group making them more accessible. 

'Sarah's teaching has allowed me to find a new connection with my body. I love spending the 60 minutes knowing she will guide me to challenge myself while remaining connected with my breath.'

Marlee Hudson

International Speech & Language Therapist

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