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This isn't about how good you look; this is about how you feel.

My Teaching Style

For me, yoga is a safe space to fully find your path back to your inner wisdom and intuition.

 Having taught in the industry for nearly 5 years working with hundreds of people from professional athletes to mums, to overworked professionals to older and less mobile individuals I know that yoga has the power to do this. In every single class, my intention is to create a safe space for my clients.


When I discovered yoga I slowly started to re-discover myself. I was able to once again hear and TRUST my inner voice and peel away all the conditioned beliefs I’d been taught about what I should think and feel, ultimately allowing me to live with a greater acceptance of myself and greater clarity of the things that mattered.  It is my hope that my classes provide the same sanctuary for you. That in time you learn to trust yourself again, unlearn the behaviours that have held you back to help you return to a place of self-awareness, acceptance, compassion and your most authentic self. 


My classes are a place where you don’t need to prove yourself, you have freedom from having to be anyone or anywhere and you can truly reconnect with who you are and where you feel whole.  

My Intention

I hope that you truly come away from my yoga classes feeling elevated in every way possible, nourished, mind, body and soul.

No matter how your practice looks, I hope that you feel seen and heard in the way that you deserve and so proud of what you COULD do rather than becoming tangled up in the moments that felt challenging. After all, those are the magical places where there is still so much room to learn and grow. It’s my hope that any insecurities, stresses or problems you arrived with have gently been peeled away throughout the journey of the yoga class and that you leave feeling centred, replenished, viewing the world and yourself with a more positive perspective.  


My Class Styles

Vinyasa Yoga

Each movement is synchronised to a breath. The poses flow from one to the next, seamlessly, and the variety of postures means no two classes are the same, although there is a thread of consistency throughout them all. 

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower and more meditative approach to yoga. Poses are held between two and eight minutes, targeting deep connective tissues, like your fascia (a coating of the muscles), ligaments and joints. Designed to cool the body, you can wear warm, comfortable clothes and take a more relaxed yet effective approach to your practice. 


Mandala Yoga

This blends the combination of movement and breath seen in vinyasa practices with the geometric figure representing the universe. Paired with the Earth’s elements you can enjoy a journey around the mat targeting certain areas of the body in a beautifully cultivated sequence. 


Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a more energetic approach to vinyasa-style yoga. It incorporates a lot of vinyasas (a certain sequence of poses) and is designed to build heat and stamina in the body. Combinations of poses can vary but the feeling of a full body work out is consistent. 


Pre & Post Natal Yoga

This style of yoga adapts classical yoga for pregnancy, birth and post-natal women. It is an effective system of self-care that combines adapted yoga poses, breathing exercises, yogic pelvic floor exercises, and deep relaxation to offer helpful support during pregnancy, labour, birth and post-natal recovery.


Breath Work

In yoga, breath work is often referred to as Pranyama, prana meaning ‘life force’ and yama meaning ‘control’ or ‘restraint’. Using a range of different techniques, it is possible to strengthen the respiratory system, alter the physical and emotional state of our being and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, countering our often-activated Fight or Flight response. 



Meditation encourages us to draw our awareness inwards, training our attention to focus on one thing – a particular thought, object, or activity – as a way of becoming calm and relaxed. 

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