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Are you feeling lost, stuck, lacking direction or motivation?

Do you feel like it’s time to check in, take stock of where you’re at and gain clarity on how to move forward?


If you answered yes to the above it gives me such joy to gift you with my Soul Setting Guide.


Through the power of journaling this eBook will take you on a journey of self-exploration. It will allow you to acknowledge how far you’ve come, to acknowledge where you are in the present and get clear on the direction you want to take moving forward.



It can be done in one sitting or over the course of a week, whatever feels more intuitive for you. If you’re new to journaling or are ready to do a little more work on this is a great place to start.


Labour & Birth Video

A dedicated video helping guide you through the final stage of your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

I have created this resource as an additional means of support for you during the birth of your baby. Whilst it doesn't include everything - for the list is rather endless -  it does provide detailed breathing techniques and yoga poses that can prove helpful during the following stages of labour and birth: 

  • Latent Labour

  • Established Labour

  • Birth of your baby

  • Birth of the placenta


It also includes affirmations to help bring you the mental strength and emotional support that is just as important as the physical aspects.


For just £15 it's my hope that this resource helps you feel a little more prepared and ready to complete the final step in your pregnancy.​

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