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You are in the right place if you are looking for a yoga class that focuses not on what you look like but how you feel.

You don’t need to be flexible, simply open minded and ready to work with the body that is your home. For me, yoga is much more than the poses on the mat, it’s about the way you show up, the way you treat others and the intention behind everything you do. My yoga classes are the perfect place if you’re ready to not only nurture your body physically but also to improve your relationship to yourself and the world around you. 


I don’t teach in Sanskrit; we don’t do lots of big fancy poses and there is no judgement if you spend the whole class in a child's pose. Instead, I encourage self-enquiry in every session, always reconnecting you to your WHY as well as yourself. I remind people to be grateful rather than hateful towards their body and ultimately, I teach clients that they’re their greatest teacher, that all the wisdom and answers they need lie within. 

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