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My classes are a place where you don’t need to prove yourself, you have freedom from having to be anyone or anywhere and you can truly reconnect with who you are and where you feel whole.

I hope that in time you learn to trust yourself again, unlearn the behaviours that have held you back and peel away any insecurities, stresses or problems you arrived with.


It is my intention to help you return to a place of self-awareness, acceptance, compassion and your most authentic self; that after experiencing one of my yoga classes you leave feeling centred, replenished, viewing the world and yourself with a more positive perspective.


Book a class from my weekly schedule below or come and do a 1:1 with me!


Yang to Yin



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A beautifully curated vinyasa class designed to shift stagnant or negative energy that's accumulated in your mind and body over the course of the day. Towards the end of the practice we move into more gentle, restorative postures. The perfect evening wind down.

Slow Flow Fridays

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Start your day with this lovely uplifting flow. We begin softly, giving your mind and body optimum time to wake up before bringing in a little more movement to help work out tension from the week and ease you into the weekend.  Perfect for all abilities this class is gentle, juicy and will leave you feeling rested and replenished in equal measure.


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Private classes are a great way of establishing the basics, deepening your understanding of yoga and delving into specific elements you might feel stuck with in a larger group. 

In a private setting I tailor the practice to your individual needs, allowing you to focus on certain areas and gain confidence before moving into a bigger class or studio.



Over the years I have worked with a large number of corporate clients and hosted a number of events to support brand launches and to raise consumer awareness around a certain topic.


Each class is tailored to your needs and, where relevant, I work with you to ensure that we are providing the best possible service. 


Pregnancy is an amazing journey, but it is also challenging. 


That is why I have created SACRED MOTHERHOOD. A weekly pregnancy class allowing you to move, breath, replenish and rest whilst reconnecting to yourself and your baby.


Through a series of movements and breathing techniques, we will create more space in your body, practice some great pelvic floor techniques and really reconnect to the power of your intuition, encouraging you to trust yourself and your body during this journey. 


These classes are incredibly special and so needed for women who are on their journey to motherhood. 

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