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Hey! I'm Sarah.

I am a registered 482 Hour London based yoga teacher. I completed my 200 Hours in 2016 and have gone on to learn under some amazing teachers including The Yoga People, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Yoga Mama. I teach a variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Power, Mandala, Yin and Pregnancy yoga.


Since qualifying as a yoga teacher, I have taught hundreds of people across the UK and abroad across a range of yoga studios, through corporate and private classes as well as on yoga retreats. I have enjoyed teaching at The Yoga Show, working with great brands such as FitBit and professional athletes such as the England Rugby team and I’ve written and filmed content for a fitness app, created online classes for a national gym chain and taught yoga at Wilderness Festival.   

My Mission

My mission as a teacher is to remind my clients that they are MORE than enough just as they are.

That yoga is about so much more than just moving. I encourage all of my students to cultivate a new belief system through the magic of yoga in every single one of my classes. I remind clients that their worth isn’t determined by their ability to handstand but rather through forming a much deeper and happier relationship with themselves.  By blending beautiful poses with your breath, I help reconnect you to your inner teacher, which in time transforms your mindset from a place of low self-esteem to a place of compassion and self-belief. It is my hope that through practicing yoga with me you reignite your inner light and remember how to live from a place of love and abundance once again. 


Training & Qualifications

200 Hours Power Yoga – Hot Power Yoga

55 Hours Mandala Vinyasa – The Yoga People

100 Hours Yin Yoga – The Yoga People

20 Hours Yin Applied to Vinyasa – The Yoga People


42 Hours Pregnancy Yoga – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli/Yoga Campus


65 Hours Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga – Yoga Mama

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