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Is this you?

Are you feeling lost and detached from yourself? You’re moving through the motions of life ticking all the ‘right’ boxes, yet you feel increasingly unfulfilled? From the outside it looks as though you are succeeding but internally you feel as if you’re moving backwards, becoming more disconnected from who you are and the life that you want. 


What’s more, you have a deep inner-knowing that something isn’t right, that there is more out there for you, but you don’t know what it is let alone how to find it. Nothing feels joyful or fulfilling in the way it used to. Instead, it’s as if you’ve outgrown your old Self. Relationships, work or past behaviours don’t bring you the same satisfaction and life doesn’t seem to fit in the wat that it used to. You’ve outgrown the person you were and lost your sense of identity in the process. As a  result you often feel frustrated and unsettled rather than content and centred as a person.

Perhaps this resonates

Do you feel lost and confused? You’ve done all the ‘right’ things in life, yet you couldn’t feel further away from who you really are?


Are you feeling increasingly frustrated or restless but not sure why or what to do about it?


Have the things you thought would bring joy or a sense of achievement in life left you feeling unfulfilled and lacking?


Are you feeling increasingly lonely or isolated within yourself as you no longer recognise the person you used to be or understand who you are becoming?


Is there an uncomfortable and unsettled feeling building within you – a restlessness - as your identity begins to change but you don’t know what this means or where you fit?


As you become increasingly stuck in this place, do these feelings create a deeper sense of stress and anxiety? It’s as if you’re trapped. You don’t know what needs to change in order to take back control of your life and feel at ease with yourself and your place in the world once more. 


As things begin to change WITHIN you, you begin to experience a lot of unsettling changes AROUND you. 


Very often relationships begin to shift. The people who you normally enjoy spending time with don’t bring you the same happiness anymore.  The pieces of the relationship puzzle no longer fit leaving you feeling lonely and unsettled.


What’s more, as your values shift, existing dynamics start to feel uncomfortable. You’re having difficult conversations more regularly as friends and family aren’t changing in the same way you are. 


All of a sudden, you’re choosing to put your energy into new things as your priorities begin to change. Perhaps you don’t want to go out drinking on a Saturday night because you’d rather wake up early feeling fresh faced for a workout. As a result, you start to use your time differently. You’re allocating space for things that you hadn’t valued before which leaves less time for your old habits and friendships. 

Maybe these changes are showing up at work. After a few successful years you’ve hit a plateau.  You’ve lost your mojo. In climbing the ladder you’ve realised that this isn’t where your passion lies. Without the sense of fulfilment you expected your drive has disappeared and things are coming to a stand-still.


Do you find that your clothes feel uncomfortable? Not because they don’t fit but because they don’t reflect the person you are anymore. It’s as if your wardrobe suddenly belongs to someone else. As things cease to fit internally neither do they fit externally. 


As a whole it’s like your identity is in complete flux. You are unsure of who you are, your likes and dislikes. Life is deeply lacking a sense of passion, fulfilment and joy. You’re becoming increasingly unsettled and restless in your own skin. You don’t recognise the person you were or understand the person you’re slowly becoming. You’re stuck - completely out of alignment with yourself - and you don’t know what to do about it.

What's going on?

White Grass

My aim as a mentor is to help you restore a sense of identity whatever milestone of life you are at. Whether you’re in your late 20’s dealing with the challenges of your Saturn Return, a time when things in life start to become more serious and you question all that you once believed in, you are in your early 30’s and seeking your place amongst a new social landscape of weddings, homeowners and babies or a new mum trying to reconcile parts of your old Self with your new role then I can help you. 


My intention as a mentor is to help support you through these transitional periods where you may feel lost and unfulfilled, to bring you back into alignment with yourself. To strip away all the conditioning and limiting beliefs so you can reconnect to your true values and beliefs and live life more authentically. As a result you will restore the confidence you’ve lost and start making decisions that support the life you want and allow you to live as the person you were before life got its hands on you. 


Are you ready?

When you’re feeling stuck, lost and unfulfilled in life you can find yourself regularly asking yourself the following kinds of questions:


  • Who am I?

  • What is my life missing?

  • What am I longing for?

  • What do I really want in life?

  • What doesn’t fit in my life anymore?

  • How can I feel fulfilled again?

  • What is going on?

  • Why do I feel so alone?

  • Is this normal?

  • Will I always feel this way?

  • Is it only me going through this?

  • How do I break this cycle and take control of the situation?


If any of these questions resonated with you then chances are you’re reaching breaking point. You’re at a complete loss. Life ceases to flow. Instead, it feels clunky, awkward, unfulfilling and nothing seems to fit.


I encourage you to take comfort in this place. Whilst uncomfortable it is a sign that you are growing and when you grow it makes it impossible to fit back into the small space you once inhabited. It’s a sign that you’re ready to do the work. Breaking point is one life’s greatest indicators that you’re ready for change and it is calling you to show up and go in. It requires an open mind and an open heart as you take the first steps out of your comfort zone. As you begin to unearth parts of yourself that have become lost and hidden through the conditioning of life you start to gain awareness of how you got here and gain clarity on the changes your life is calling for. As your soul occupies this emotional no-mans land you can trust that breakthroughs are just around the corner if you’re willing to step up and find your way back to who you truly are. 

How I can help

In working with me you will regain a sense of identity. Rather than feeling lost you will begin to gain clarity on your core values and beliefs which will give you the confidence you’ve been lacking to make positive changes in your life. You will move from a place of confusion and worry to trust and acceptance. You’ll begin to understand why you have been feeling so unfulfilled and identify the steps you need to take to feel aligned with yourself once more. In doing this not only will you feel more hopeful, you’ll start to feel passionate about life again and excited about the future. The overwhelming feelings you’ve been tackling will transform into positivity as you no longer feel fearful and scared of change, you’ll be excited about the next chapter and the new phase of life you’re growing into. Ultimately you will transition from a place of feeling lost and disconnected to someone who is aligned with who they are. Life will begin to feel authentic as you live your life from a place of truthfulness and honesty. As a result, you’ll take back control of your life and move through it feeling happy, fulfilled and completely in tune with who you are. 

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