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Hi, I'm Sarah

I am a registered 482 Hour London based yoga teacher.

I teach a variety of yoga styles and have taught hundreds of people across the UK and abroad across a range of yoga studios, through corporate and private classes as well as on yoga retreats. 

My mission as a teacher is to remind my clients that they are MORE than enough just as they are. That yoga is about so much more than just moving. I remind clients that their worth isn’t determined by their ability to handstand but rather through forming a much deeper and happier relationship with themselves.  It is my hope that through practicing yoga with me you reignite your inner light and remember how to live from a place of love and abundance once again. 

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Retreat With Me

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Are you feeling lost and detached from yourself? From the outside it looks as though you are succeeding but internally you feel as if you’re moving backwards, becoming more disconnected from who you are and the life that you want. 

It is for those who answered yes that I created my 1:1 mentorship program, Emerge.
Having navigated my way through these murky waters more than once I have created a three month mentorship program to help you regain the sense of identity you're missing. Using all the tools I have gathered through my own journey I will help you reconnect to your values and beliefs, give you the courage to let go of the person you were and emerge as the person you're becoming.
You will move from a place of confusion and worry to trust and acceptance. You’ll begin to understand why you have been feeling so unfulfilled and identify the steps you need to take to feel aligned with yourself once more. You will begin to feel authentic again and as a result, you’ll take back control of your life and move through it feeling happy, fulfilled and completely in tune with who you are. 
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